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I have been pondering for weeks now, what do I blog about now that I have retired my Chatter Creek cottage blog? Well, life has been pretty miserable for me since around February so I haven’t been thinking about blogging as much as surviving or possibly making a major life change, like a move. Well, I’m still here, months later and still wondering what I should blog about, all writers should blog, right? I want to stay away from politics; everyone who knows me knows how I feel. There’s too much fear there worrying about the future of America under Trump’s regime and I don’t want to depress myself any further. What I can do is support the Democratic Party and watch what happens around me with a critical eye.

So, what to blog about? I guess I’ll settle on life because life always throws us curve balls. Yes, I’ve gotten my share of praise but every now and then I go through periods of… What? Holy Shit! That’s where I am now. Just when I think I’m a lucky son of a bitch I wind up with someone like Serena in my world. Yes, I mean like Serena from the Handmaid’s Tale. I have been respected in my other profession, and I don’t mean writing because I am not yet an author millionaire but god knows I’d like to be and I’m working on it. No, I have been working for a living in the education-publishing world for over twenty years. I’m good at it and I have been consistently respected for it. Until Serena, that is. Serena has an agenda, and I have only an inkling what it is but Serena, much like our dear Serena from the Handmaid’s Tale likes to treat me like an idiot, browbeat me, disrespect me, throw me off my game and discredit me. What is it that Serena does to poor June? She discredits her, humiliates her, and disregards her history. Hello, my Serena does the same, like a snake that has coiled around your feet when you weren’t looking. You may wonder why people like this get to the positions they get to but they do. It’s called the Republic of Gilead within the corporate structure.

Poor June and woe is me. When did it happen, others are allowed to strip you of you dignity? Will I ever escape The Republic of Gilead?

Vera Jane Cook
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