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Vera Jane Cook

Waiting With Bated Breath!

My third published novel, Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem will be released on December 23rd, right before Christmas! How appropriate, since my heroine, Annabel, has been in the company of Jesus. No kidding! This character can go anywhere, meet anyone, but on a more serious note, she was searching for her husband and decided to cross time barriers knowing her beloved would want to know this great man. Her husband too, is a witch and can cross time barriers. I for one, would go back to the 1930s – I like the music.

I just finished up the final edits on this one, worked with a fabulous editor, Rory Olson. We communicated through track changes and email, no conversation. I think Rory is a man’s name but there was a real sensibility here that made me think of him as a woman. I’m happy to say he will also be editing my next manuscript. I don’t think it matters what sex he is, he was just good. Really! But he seemed like a woman.

I want to plug my publisher, Musa, they are new but run by the finest goddesses I’ve ever known. I’m happy to be with them. I think they have rounded up a very gifted group of writers, editors, designers, promo people and finance experts, interns – I can’t say enough good stuff. I’ve got two more novels being published with Musa and I hope there will be more. Musa is emerging as an ebook publisher but they will do small press print runs. I do believe in the future of ebooks and the preservation of print. It is kind of exciting to be able to promote an ebook though. After all, everyone in Manhattan that takes a subway is holding a Kindle, I’ve noticed. They do look rather cool. Just a matter of time, I guess, until we are all buried in Nooks and Kindles. Sort of like the way we moved graciously beyond typewriters. But I do hope my books will go to print at some point, nothing like sticking your latest Con Ed bill inside the pages of a book to mark your place.

I look forward to introducing Annabel to the modern world and I hope you like her. She’s pious but open to change. She’s innocent but open to growth, and of course, she knows the devil first hand. The book is about Annabel’s confrontation with the evil Lucifer. Is he myth or is he man? She has an opinion on that one.

Following on the heels of Annabel Horton, Lost Witch of Salem, I have a pub date for The Story of Sassy Sweetwater (Jan. 20th) and Lies a River Deep (3/2), both contemporary fiction. Sassy is another one of my Southern characters who records her life from 1949 to the present. Her family is full of dark secrets but I like strong southern women who prevail, and she does.

Bessie Day Hardy from Lies a River Deep is seventy years old when the story opens. This gal knows what comes with age aside from aches, pains, wrinkles and regrets – it’s an astonishing intensity to meet life head on, even after you’ve added up all the pieces and faced your darkest moments, befriended your enemies and shared your secrets.

I hope you’ll stay tuned and read the books, offer an opinion, slip your shoes off, lay back and meet the characters I’ve conjured up out of my channeled subconscious. And it does often feel that way. I hope they will amuse you, touch you and take your mind off frustrations, burdens and tomorrow’s pressing expectations.

Award Winning Must Read Women’s Fiction. Dancing Backward In Paradise was published in November 2006 and received rave reviews from Armchair Interviews and Midwest Book reviews, as well as an Eric Hoffer and Indie Excellence award in the Literary fiction category for notable new fiction in 2007. To learn more about her books you can visit her web site at www.verajanecook.com

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