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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: Witches

Actually I mean ‘bitches’ but for the sake of my blog I’ll be as polite as possible and refer to the last bitch in my life as a witch. Same thing.

Well, it’s been beautiful up here in the Catskill Mountains, the colors have been crisp and bright, often a muted cacophony of deep reds and gold. The landscapes will take your breath away like some great symphony or some brilliant work of art that conjures up emotion with shadow and mood and makes you happy to be human, to be able to drink in life, that canvas that’s all around you constantly evolving into something else.

You might wonder what witches have to do with the beautiful Catskills? Well, autumn denotes change for me and that’s the kind of transitional state I’m in. I’m evolving. I have had it up to my bloody neck with thirty something managers who do not have the capacity to lead. I am sick to death of working for and with people who do not respect experience, who have zero depth, zero insight and a zero capacity to get those that are wiser and smarter. Sort of like your Trump voters? I digress. Sorry.

Anyway, I am changing the course I’ve been on and trusting myself to go into commission sales to pay the bills and not wake up every day feeling depressed because my manager is an emotional and intellectual invalid. I want to be accountable to myself. I want to take the experience I’ve always had with my customers, a nice mutual admiration society, one in which I thrive because my customers know that I know what I’m talking about and they respect me. Then in steps some idiot manager who seeks to break your bonds, deflate your ego and crap all over your success.

I’ve had it. I will soon be waking up in a new profession, on my own and relying on my individual expertise and drive. Not to say by the way that it’s just young female managers who are dreadful, I’ve had some pretty rotten egg men managers who make pretty big bucks making those ‘below’ them miserable. I’ve also had some great female managers who if reading this should not think I’m talking about them. The bad ones are usually around thirty and think they know stuff.

I say this, find a way to be your own boss, take charge of your own life, work your ass off for your own rewards and witches of this world be damned. The happiest people I know have managed to escape the lets take crap for a paycheck cycle.

Oh, Witches! Return to your nerdy, superficial, colorless existence where people like you create disillusionment and harbor false superiority. It’s a little late for me to take the leap but if I had to repeat my experience with the last witch manager that tarnished my mood, my days and my life, from my micromanagement is the only religion job, I’d choose to jump into the cauldron and boil to death. I’d jump into the Hudson in chains and take my last breath of all that polluted water or I’d  lie out in the snow stark naked until my bloody backside turned to ice. I guess you get the picture.