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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: Now That’s a Farm Table!

And I didn’t have to search up and down Sullivan County to find it! That’s because I have a very talented neighbor who offered to build one for me. Well, there are people who say they’re going to do things for you but they never do. That’s not Shawn, aside from being sweet, handsome, gifted, delightfully and gently sarcastic and humorously endearing. He can create, build, envision and amaze. He even offered to white wash our upstairs hall. He might even do our bedroom wide plank floors. Now that’s a good neighbor, a good friend and a very sweet man.

I could go on and on about my neighbors, Shawn and Kris in Hortonville. They are both so unique and so gifted and to think that at their young age they found each other in this crowded world, I’d say it was a gift and no doubt due to Kris’ spiritual radar.

Would love to have you all for dinner. You must see this table, aged and gloriously stained, made by an artisan and so perfect that I should have had him sign it. In a hundred years someone else will love it as we do, and a hundred years after that people we will never know will break bread, drink wine and laugh with friends, as we intend to do for a long, long time, on Shawn’s farm table.