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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: Mother’s Day

Oh, I remember my Mom, not just today but practically everyday. She was unforgettable. She gave me an outrageously silly sense of humor, her blue eyes, a love of dogs and music and long walks. My Mom survived a horrific child hood and learned to play the stock market.She became a millionaire by the time she was thirty. She was a Show Girl and loved money, diamonds and mink, very much a product of her generation. But she believed that women were smarter and wiser than men and taught me that independence is a saving grace, not a determent.

I am to this day very bonded with my mother, perhaps because I was an only child. I did not have a conventional childhood, it was rebellious and often painful but my mother was always my best friend, even when I didn’t know it. She supported me creatively and thought I was capable of attaining anything I wanted. I remember what made her smile – a good dinner, gay men and a very fast speedboat ride on a river. She also liked the Ferris Wheel, the trotters and Johnny Walker Black on the rocks. We both sang off key but nothing kept us from singing.

She died too young, she was fifty-six. I never think of her as very far away though. Every time I laugh, every time I ache, every time I see a beautiful woman with a baby I see my mother. I see her with those shinning eyes and that mischievous grin and I touch that place inside of me that taught me love. I miss you, Mom, as always