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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: Marianna’s Zinneas

Marianna Young created this beautiful bed of Zinnias and she’s damn proud of it. This is where the guests are paraded by, the first thing to be shown off and the must do before anything else when we return from the city: CHECK THE ZINNIAS

Our friend Brock has been put in charge of the flowers in our absence, oh poor Brock if just one Zinnia droops. Our handyman, Dave, got the boot as the gardener because the ground was dry and the poor little pretties were screaming for water. I won’t even tell you what happened to Ann when we found some dead and dying flowers that were supposed to be in her care but she is likely to take to the hills if we come within a mile of her.

As I said, poor Brock, but his significant other, Cat, said he’s an Indiana farm boy and knows flowers. I’m too nervous to stay on this subject. Saw a movie this weekend I just loved – 45 years with Charlotte Rambling – great acting and a beautifully shot little film. Once upon a time I was a young character actress and if I’d stayed a young and aging character actress Charlotte’s role in the film is one you hope to grow older for. She did such a smashing job, also her co-star, very brilliant. I like movies that don’t jump out at you but slowly get under your skin and rattle your soul.

God, I digress. It’s just that I’m worried about Brock. Don’t let a one of them droop dear boy. You don’t want to see Marianna coming at you with the weed whacker. Brock is a wonderful artist, a sensitive man with a wicked sense of humor and I hope he lives to be a wonderful old man and he’s got the greenest thumb in Sullivan County, but don’t let a one of them droop, dear boy. Just saying………