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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: Coming on Christmas

So it’s coming on Christmas once again at Chatter Creek Cottage. The long dark year is coming to a close and I breathe a sign of relief that I am looking forward to getting back on track. So I sold twenty seven books last month, that is not nearly enough to quit my day job but it is a step in the right direction. I predict more change in the unsettling world of Jane Cook but many good things in the world of Vera Jane Cook. I am adding a third personality to my complicated soul and putting all my fantasy and paranormal and psychological thrillers under the pen name Olivia Hardy Ray. The Hardy Ray is a family name on my mother’s side and Olivia is just nice. Does it suit me, don’t know but it is nice. I think Olivia deserves that side of me that likes to talk about God and consciousness. So bring on that personality. I am in the process of completing two sequels to Annabel Horton, Lost With of Salem and also in the process of writing a novel called Pindar Corners about our disturbing future. I just finished Origin by Dan Brown and loved it, it made me feel like more of a spiritual person than less of one which is how one might assume to feel after reading the book. I realized while reading it that when you take God or spirit or consciousness out of the equation it’s depressing. I choose to feel that I am not empty and that I did not spring from emptiness nor will I return to it. By the way, if you love art you’ll find the book so compelling. I am very old school when it comes to art and have never learned to love modern lines and geometric boxes and soup cans but Oh I do love the old masters, landscapes. Brown’s book makes you like modern art even less, I think, but that could just be me. Though I’m a huge fan of Edward Hopper, Munch, Georgia O’Keeffe and a slew of others.

So, though I predict changes in the word of Jane Cook I think Vera Jane Cook will get her series out and and her women’s fiction titles that she’s been writing for years. I predict she’ll sell lot of books this year and pay a lot of patient friends back for their generosity. I will survive my very difficult and strange day job and escape into the world of my past and my imagination and flourish there, recoup there.

Back to Christmas. It’s beautiful at Chatter Creek and I can’t wait to return next weekend and sit in front of the fire with my little dog on my lap and beautiful Marianna fussing in the kitchen. I believe in  Christmas trees, the symbol behind them. I actually believe we are all connected. There’s a spirit between good friends, there’s a spirit between like minded strangers and to recognize that space between what we know materially and what we know spiritually  is the magic in the symbol of my pretty lit tree. Christmas, for me signifies that between humanity there is no separation.  So this Christmas I will not concentrate on the lack, the lack in politics,and in government, the lack in human decency, nor the lack in communication. I will not complain about Donald Trump nor will I let his wretched tweets depress me. I will just be with my pretty lit tree, my creative future, my sweet family and friends and i will find God, as I always do, within me.