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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: Bluer than Blue

I love it: it’s so beautifully blue. To think we looked at this house back in 2006 and went on about our lives, thinking second houses are only for rich people, and so they are, rich, risk taking totally passionate people about houses. People who can think of nothing else or talk of nothing else but white washed walls, antiques and flowers. Well, we did go on about our lives after seeing this pretty little farmhouse but we continued to vacation here in Sullivan County as renters, sitting in the summer sun in our friend Steven’s backyard, doing nothing but fantasizing what we’d do if we owned all those houses we kept making brokers show us.

Interestingly, I started a new novel in 2007 called Marybeth, Hollister & Jane that is set in Sullivan County, in Callicoon and just happens to take place in the same pretty little farmhouse that turned our heads way back when. I think when I was writing the novel I was totally smitten and subconsciously wanted to own this house, even in imagination. The book is presently being revised but should be out this year, my Chatter Creek Cottage novel, a book set in a house I wish I owned.

Someone else bought our farmhouse in 2006 and it seemed to vanish altogether except my sisters lived there, the imaginary sisters in my book, Marybeth, Hollister & Jane. The book is about art and jewel thieves. I really like art and jewel thieves. If I had the nerve I’d rip off the Frick museum. In this case it’s the Eagle Diamond that was stolen back in the 60s from the museum of Natural History by three beach boys, actual fact. I resurrected the heist for my tale.

Anyway, I do digress. We were talking about blue, my favorite color because its poetic, warm, cool, deep and moody. One can say bluer than your eyes, bluer than a robin’s egg, blue as a cerulean sea. I love the color blue and I particularly love it on the walls of Chatter Creek Cottage