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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: A Sad Day

Before the tractor Parade got started on Lower Main Street in Calicoon we were just waiting on more of those fabulous vintage tractors to make their way through town. But then I got a Breaking News email and couldn’t wrap my head around the sadness of it all. The fact that someone on a No-Fly list could purchase a weapon of that magnitude is beyond me. That fact that people do the things they do is beyond me. The fact that we live in a world where too many people hate too deeply is a very sad reality. I wish we all loved too deeply. When I’m at wonderful Chatter Creek Cottage I’m separated, for the most part, from all that violence, that everyday news we hear about people who tragically harm other people. Sometimes I just can’t separate.

To the families and friends of those killed and hurt in Orlando this weekend I cannot imagine your grief. My heart is with you all, and my prayers. To hate people for being happy and lovely and innocent, to hate what you don’t understand and can never know because you live in darkness, is your tragedy and your sickness.