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Vera Jane Cook

Chatter Creek Cottage: A Rose by Any Other Name

Well, I was going to go out this morning and take a beautiful close up photo of these smashing white roses in front of the cottage but got pelted by rain, fog and humidity. It’s still beautiful in the Catskill Mountains though. Had a most enchanting drive from Hortonville to Livingston Manor on Saturday and discovered that rolling green hills, lonely roads and small towns still makes my heart sing. Found a charming nursery and bought petunias and zinnias that are lime and wine. I can’t wait to see those babies come into bloom. The petunias have been planted around the birdbath and they make the backyard look happy. The petunias are varying colors of purple but I’m going back for the African sunsets. African sunsets, you get the picture.

God knows I am happy here, especially here with all my worries drifting down stream as if I hadn’t a care in the world, no money matters to darken my day, no fears of not being good enough or smart enough for this that and the other. Among all this color and the fragile and seductive call of summer I am aware that everything is perfect. I am even perfect with my city bag of neurosis and discontent. I took the bag out to the birdbath and buried it under the purple petunias. I walked over to the road and the scent of roses made me feel infallible. I had a glass of pink rose and watched my zinnias wink at me and promise that their beauty, all wine and lime flowers, was as close as the clear sweet breeze on my brow. Life is not about the rush; it’s about the repose. Life it not about the scream, it’s about the whisper…….of wind and flowers budding and fascinating nature putting on a show. And within the stillness I find that my life is whole, that I am whole and my regrets are few and my moment here upon the stage of life is what it is meant to be. Keats said it well, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye need to know on earth and all ye need to know” Think of the flowers, that is all ye need to know. Yep, in the end as it was in the beginning that is all ye need to know.