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I want to hear wind and the rustle of leaves. I don’t want the sun but rather the greyness of rain. I want to hear

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What Will I Find?

When I was a child I loved the mysteriously dangerous. I think I’ve lived my life mysteriously and dangerously. Well, those days are over. Following

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Gilead Begone!

So I am freed from the Republic of Gilead and the bitch is dead, so to speak. However, I did appreciate Serena’s compassion (if that’s

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I have been pondering for weeks now, what do I blog about now that I have retired my Chatter Creek cottage blog? Well, life has

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Jane And Her Pups

My dogs make me smile, especially Peanut, who is the baby. Well, actually Peanut is middle age but he’ll always be my baby. He’s the

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When I was a child there was an old man that has remained in my memory. His name was Jack and his hair was very

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