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Beyond Turbulence

There is something so compelling about a turbulent sky. I don’t wish to avoid it or pray for its absence. It instills in me a

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Elegance Gone

I was channel surfing the other day, which is something I find myself doing a lot, especially now during this awful pandemic.  I found a

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If I Were A Road to Texas

I’m sure you are all familiar with the television show ‘Drag Race’, a drag competition show. The creator and host is Rue Paul. If you don’t

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Gilead Begone!

So I am freed from the Republic of Gilead and the bitch is dead, so to speak. However, I did appreciate Serena’s compassion (if that’s

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I have been pondering for weeks now, what do I blog about now that I have retired my Chatter Creek cottage blog? Well, life has

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Jane And Her Pups

My dogs make me smile, especially Peanut, who is the baby. Well, actually Peanut is middle age but he’ll always be my baby. He’s the

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Meet Olivia

Meet my alter ego, Olivia Hardy Ray. She’s a bit off, as any alter ego should be. She helps me to see things in the

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Chatter Creek: Books

Reading is the ultimate relaxation, an entryway into fantasy land and the opportunity for compassion and connection. Reading is like religion because it transcends you,

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